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BCEIA 2017 concludes with success, highlights Agela winning two awards in a row

The 17th Beijing Conference and Exhibition on Instrumental Analysis (BECIA 2017) was held on Oct 10 in China National Convention Center in Beijing. The four-day expo, which kicked off on last Tuesday, displayed loads of newly launched instruments and consumables. Agela Technologies attended this expo with several key products.

During the expo, many audiences came to Agela booth to have a close look at our products and chatted with Agela experts.

CHEETAH, once a golden award winner in BECIA, is given award this time too! By voting out, CHEETAH is rewarded “Traditional Chromatography Terminator” by ANTOP.

Octopus, who often goes by “Transformer”, has been accepted by the insiders. Octopus won “BECIA 2017 New Product” award in this Expo.

In Oct 10 afternoon, Agela instrument specialist delivered an impactful seminar titled “Octopus Purification System”. During the seminar, he well-interacted with his audiences and offered detail information of Octopus.

For years, Agela Technologies has been working on delivering total solutions in fields of Food Safety, Pharmaceutical, Bioanalysis. Agela consumables, such as silica gel packings, Cleanert SLE cartridge and Venusil HPLC columns remain their attraction to users. The updated vibrant package of HPLC column delivers visual impact and product freshness.

Agela displayed updated GC column to rich our product line. And don’t ignore our SPE columns! They are stars among our products. You do see the lovely whale plush toy, don’t you? How adorable it is!

Agela showcased several key instruments including:

Newly launched product: Cleanert M96 and Cleanert V96 both designed for high throughput bio-sample preparation.

AZOFF SLE Automated Workstation ensures less exposure to risk for people working in lab.

Qdaura Automated SPE System is specially designed for high throughput sample preparation in fields of food, agriculture and pharmaceutical.

Even though BCEIA is held biennially, we have to wait another 2 years for BECIA 2019, it is worth to expect because it brings us a platform to exchange ideas, to know cutting-edge technology, to have a close look at the newly launched products, to interact with clients. Let’s look forward to BECIA 2019.


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